If you are in the Jasper jurisdiction, you need a building permit anytime you are planning to build any kind of structure, no matter what size, even if you are building a large play set which could be converted to a shed in the future. The Utility Dept. has requested this because of various buried cables.

Contact the Building Commissioner at 482-4255 or at 610 Main Street, Jasper. They have a map that can be looked at to determine if you are in the Jasper jurisdictional area.


Contact Planning Director, Rich Hazlewood, AICP, at 683-2211 or at the City Office at 508 East 4th Street to see if you are in the jurisdictional area of Huntingburg. Building permits are required if the height, length or width of any structure is being expanded; new construction greater than 200 sq. ft.; or any changes in the use of a building. Permits for fences are not required. Building permits can be obtained over website – www.huntingburg.org. Mailing address is P. O. Box 10, Huntingburg, IN 47542.


Contact the Town Office at 367-2280 located at 2065 Main St. to see if you are in the jurisdictional area of Ferdinand. A building permit is required for any structure that sheds water and the roof is over 32 sq. ft. and includes in-ground pools.


If you do not get a building permit from Jasper, Huntingburg, or Ferdinand, then you must get a Notice of Assessment registration from the County Assessor. If you fail to get this permit, then a $100 penalty could be enforced. Call the Assessor at 481-7010 in the courthouse. If you are installing a septic system, this must be approved by the Health Dept. at 1187 S. St. Charles St., Jasper, IN, phone 481-7130.